Polymer Grips

Replacement 2011® grips for the STI line of pistol and frames.  The glass filled nylon polymer grip is the second component of the 2011® modular (high capacity) frame system.  Currently available in 6 colors:










Frame Part Number MSRP
2011 Grip (Black) 600-0210100-00 $121.00
2011 Grip (Blue) 600-0210200-00 $127.00
2011 Grip (Red) 600-0210500-00 $127.00
2011 Grip (Grey) 600-0210300-00 $127.00
2011 Grip (Coyote Tan) 600-0210600-00 $127.00
2011 Grip (OD Green) 600-0210700-00 $127.00



2011® Aluminum Grip

Manufactured from a single block of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, the STI aluminum Grip does not require any special fitting or parts, but is a simple drop on part*.  The grip comes with an anodized hard coat for unmatched durability in both fit and finish.

*older frames might require minor fitting.











Grip Part Number MSRP
2011 Aluminum Grip 600-0230001-00 $295.00



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